Rotors for 98 Dodge Ram2500

I can’t pull the rotors off of the front axle on my 98 Dodge 2500 4x4 with 24 valve Cummins. I took the calipers off and the 4 studs on the inside of the hub. I don’t know if I’m missing something or if they’re just that frozen.

get a three prong puller to remove the rotors, and replace them with new ones, but take a particularly good look at the bearings and races which may also need replacement. Is there a center nut on the axle? If you are doing this job at home, you should have the manual, even the Haynes will have pictures and most likely a parts breakdown to show you if you are missing something.

I removed everything and thought that maybe there was a snap ring I was missing but there isn’t one. I even tried a puller with an impact wrench. Apparently there is a tool that’s like a socket that you put on the the four studs on the inside of the hub that uses the power steering remove the rotors.

they are all in one you have to take bearings and all out it is one unit

To remove the hub, re-install the hub bolts and turn them in fully, then back them out about 2 full turns and tap the bolt heads with a brass hammer. When the bolt heads strike the knuckle back them out 2 more turns and tap them again. When there is an adequate gap install a chisel and tap in to wedge the hub out. If you just want the rotors off a good slam with a wooden bat usually loosens them. Leave one lug nut on to keep the rotor from getting away from you. I use a 4 foot length of land scape timber.

If you are taking the hub out you will need to remove the nut on the CV joint.