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1998 dodge ram 2500 4x4 front brake rotors

how to take off front brake rotors on my 4x4 1998 dodge ram 2500


If only there were a world wide wiver of infowmation (as we say at work)

thats sounds good but i dont have a torch to heat it up and what about the wheel bearing. is there bolts holding it the rotor together in the rear! or a center bearing nut?

anybody elses to help my problem?

Please follow the DIY section on and this link:

Pop off the dust cap. Wipe out the grease. See the big spanner nut?? See the edge of a lock washer bent down over it? Bend back the washer tab and remove the nut. Remove the washer. Remove the second nut. Slide the hub off. This works for live axles.

If you have some sort of “automatic hubs” that disengage, better have a 4WD shop do this repair. But if you remove the dust cover and see what I described, jump right in. They make special huge sockets to remove those nuts if you can’t get them to turn out…

Now is a good time to clean and pack the wheel bearings and replace the seal. When putting it back together, and you are tightening that first nut, very little torque is needed. A few inch pounds at most. Your goal is zero torque on the nut, zero play in the bearing. But A LITTLE torque on the nut is OK. If the lock-washer is in bad shape, get new ones. The second nuts function is to lock the first nut in position…Have fun and good luck!