how do you think tires should be rotated.front to back orfront left to right rear. my tire guys do it both ways.

Unidirectional tires are supposed to stay on the same side. Most cars with non-unidirectional tires call for an X-rotation, but check your own owner’s manual to verify what your tires guys should be doing, depending on the tire type you have installed.

For all but directional tires, there are a few different tire rotation patterns that are used for front drive cars. I have used front to rear same side and rear to front, opposite side for quite a few years with good results. I can’t comment on other patterns; have not used them.

It is likely better to do something rather than not rotating at all.

Your owner’s manual will have a suggested rotation pattern.

My OWNERS MANUAL tells me how to rotate on my truck and it was a surprise to me as to GMC’s method. So, it almost doesn’t matter to me any more. Urban legend debunked!

My last two owners manuals wanted the rear tire’s “X’d” forward and the fronts taken straight back. That was for a 4 tire rotation. I forget where the spare is pulled from, but it was introduced at the right rear. I think that makes me want to put the right front at the spare position since its next stop would be the right rear.

I rotate the tires on my car according to the instructions in the owner’s manual except when I had a set of directional-tread tires. Then the tires had to stay on the same side of the car.

I think the important thing is to rotate them, not which method you use.