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Tire Rotation

I have a 2004 Cadilac SRX,the set of tires on the car are two deferant sizes, How does one rotate the tires on this car, the owner manual does not tell how it is done, why are manufactures making cars with two deferant sizes ?? are they in cahoots with tire company’s ??

Performance tires, no rotation. I guess they figure you have the money to buy new when they wear out.

I believe you’re supposed to rotate them from left to right rather than front to back. Provided they aren’t also directional of course.

Did it come with different sizes from the manufacturer?

Anyway, I just wanted to warn you about one thing. Always the best tyres go on the back if there is a difference. Having the best tyres on the front may help you get out into the snow, buy if you get in an emergency situation with the best tyres on the front, your your will tend to loose grip and the back end will swing around so you are skidding backwards. Kind of hard to control it that way.

Many cars are now made with different size tires front and rear. Do not rotate them. It will trigger speed sensor malfuntions and the computer will think the wheels are spinning.
Usually these tires are on sports type cars and are a soft compond and rarely will last longer than 25,000 miles to 35,000 or less. to get the most life out of the tires I suggest an alignment once a year.

It may not be critical to rotate tires if your SRX has rear wheel drive.

One of our last rear drive cars was a 1974 model. I bought new Michelin X tires for it. The literature that came with the Michelin tires advised that tire rotation was not necessary.

What does your owner’s manual say?

Rotation not critical with RWD and the owner’s manual will tell you how to rotate from side to side if recommended. Are the wheels different sizes?

Most vehicle manufacturers are looking for ways to add pizzazz to their offerings - and having an “up-grade” with a staggered tire fitment is one way to do that. It does have a down side - you can’t do a normal tire rotation! So the only rotation you can do is a side to side.

Doing a side to side rotation will keep the heel and toe wear, which is a normal wear pattern, from becoimg excessive and causing noise. But be aware that one of the reasons for tire rotation is to even out the wear. Even though RWD’s do not have the wear rate difference front to rear that FWD’s do, RWD’s tend to wear the shoulders on the front and the centers on the rears - and rotating them keeps the wear more even and results in more life out of the tires.

DO NOT do a side to side rotation if your tires are directional. “How do I know if they are directional” you ask? You will see an arrow on the sidewall pointing to its rotational direction.