Funny noise

Ok, so I recently had taken my car for an oil change, and the mechanic told me the cv joint was broken and I needed a new axle, and being a little put off had them return my car I took it to the dealer, and they said the axle and everything was ok, I just needed new timing belts, and so I had them replace them, and now about 2 weeks later …

I finally get to the problem: I have started to hear a noise, like those car toys you could rev up and the move on their own, but the noise is more like when you rev them up too much like a high pitch wailing… It only happens when my car is in gear and driving, it is not as noticeable in 5th, 1-4 you can really hear it, and it does not go away when the car warms up

Great Description And Posting Of The Make, Model, And Model Year. Could I Trouble You For The Approximate Total Miles On This Car, Please. It Could Help The Subaru Experts.


It has alittle over 87000

Have you had any service done on the AWD system(transfer case, differential, etc)? Sounds like it might be something with that.

I have not had anything done to the car other than scheduled maintance and oil changes, I did have to have some work done when it had about 2000 miles cause it was towed improperly, but the dealers did warranty work and that was around 4 years ago

You need to find a good car repair man. I think the dealer did what they thought was needed but you have a new transaxle in your future.