My 2004 Buick Rondevous was in an accident 2 yrs ago where it skidded off an icy road and went down an embankment,over a log and when it stopped had the tire off the rim on the back drivers side and off the passenger side. Got it back up and running and took it in for a check as it was very snaky when driven. Checked out fine by one set of mechanics and then 6 mos later another garage diagnosed several problems with the rear end with a broken collar on that drivers side wheel and bad wheel bearing. The vehicle drives ok on dry pavement but still seems "off " on snow and ice.Now my wheel bearing is going again. This will be the 4th bearing on that tire side. I have had the vehicle aligned X2 and new tires on since the accident.Is it a buick thing with this model year?

I don’t think it’s a “Buick thing.” I think your problems are the result of the off-road excursion two years ago.

There could be damage to the rear axle and/or suspension that was never repaired.

Four wheel bearings in two years indicates a problem.

You damaged the suspension system 2 years ago in a crash, and you are wondering if this is a Buick thing?

You need to take your car to an actual repair shop, have them look over the suspension front and rear, and locate any and all damaged components, and replace them. Something is obviously out of spec to be causing so much wear on that wheel bearing.

The real question is what are the specs on the printouts of the wheel alignments?
The answer to all the questions are listed there in that information.


It sounds to me like something is bent or broken on that corner of the car, and it is being missed or neglected by the person doing the alignments. Some of these alignment “technicians” will see something off, even in the red, and ignore it if the machine indicates there is no adjustment for it. I would suggest putting out some feelers and find a chassis and alignment shop with a stellar reputation that really knows what they are doing. You may pay more for it, but it will be worth it. Whatever is causing the vehicle to feel “off” in lower traction situations is probably what is causing the wheel bearings to fail so frequently. Once you get the suspension fixed for real, I would also spring for a premium wheel bearing for that car. Cheap ones are that: cheap, and will not last long anyway. Wheel bearings is one place where you really do get what you pay for.

I suggest a real frame shop. I suspect something has been damaged and no one picked up on it yet. A good frame shop should be able to find it.