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Romance in Montrose

Well, I had a couple problems with the segment I just heard about the smitten customer trying to woo her mechanic in Colorado, but running into problems because (she thinks) he thinks she’s too young. (30 instead of 40 something).

Besides the glaring fallacy of assumption in the above statement, there’s this:

Driving for any length of time with a sparkplug disconnected risks ruining your catalytic converter, so that method of ‘self sabotage’ is ill advised.

Second, that mechanic is probably married or in a relationship, so naming him on the air probably just got him in a whole bunch of trouble. True, he crossed the line with the dinners and kissing, but maybe by trying to keep from going any further he’s doing the right thing.

My problem with the Romance in Montrose woman was that she doesn’t know which side of the Continental Divide she lives on. Montrose is on the western, not the eastern, slope of the Rocky Mountains and certainly not on the “east coast of Colorado.” Since the matter was discussed at some length and she never changed her claim that it was the eastern side of the Rockies, maybe it’s her ignorance that is keeping the mechanic from wanting to proceed with a relationship!

A good old blown fuse is simple, and easy to fix. Say, for the A/C. Just have someone short it out for you, then put it back in and play dumb. :slight_smile:

And yes, Montrose is on the West (or Wet) Slope of Colorado, not East Coast!