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Good mechanic wants more!

You fellas really blew it! How does the lady being hit on by her mechanic

> > tell him" the truth," to shove off , without having him stop caring for her

> > car?

> >

Next time you show up for service, take a boyfriend (or girlfriend) hand-in-hand.


If it was me, I’d just find another mechanic, unless its a rural area and he’s the only one around. Of course, I’m a guy, so if my mechanic hit on me, I’d really go somewhere else. Far away.

Of course, if she brushes him off, how can she be sure he won’t take out his rejection on her car? He may be a good mechanic, but he’s not a very good businessman. He should have picked up on the hint, she’s married, hands off. Keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind. :slight_smile:

Guys compartmentalize well. Just tell him no, and don’t leave room for interpretation. As long as it’s a dignified no, there should not be any harm done. If Prince Charming alienates every woman he hits on, he won’t be in business long.