Air Conditioner Issue may cause break up of 21 year marriage


The Air Conditioner in my 2001 GMC Yukon has ceased to function blowing only warm air. I say we take our chances and purchase one of those charge kits and risk losing $30.00 rather than take it to a mechanic and risk losing hundreds for what may be a simple fix. My husband disagrees and says we need a mechanic. What do you think?


I do not consider AC diagnosis and repair a do-it-yourself project. I take any automotive AC issues to a shop that has the equipment and knowledge to correctly diagnose and repair the problem.

If the refrigerant leaked out and all you do is refill the system, it will leak right back out again and you will have no AC within a week or so. Take it to an expert.


By the way, this is hardly worth breaking up a marriage over, 21-year or otherwise. Working AC is worth a few bucks.


My thoughts exactly. Breaking up a relationship over $30 or $3,000 is crazy. Take it to an A/C shop and get the problem repaired and go on with your life.


I might add that if the system is charged and you try to add more freon you could cause more damage and also hurt yourself.


OP, A/C is really not something that should be done by a novice. It’s hard to make a guess as to the problem since we don’t know if the compressor is engaging.

OP, you should ignore the poster Star. He has absolutely zero knowledge of auto A/C repair and after his post directed at me about 4-5 days ago in regards to “you must be working on real antique compressors. I ain’t seen a belt driven compressor in a jillion years”, it is my humble opinion he knows less than zero about home central units and refrigerators also.
If this buffoon knew anything at all about home A/C or anything else he would have at least a faint inkling of how automotive A/C works whether he actually repaired auto A/Cs or not. Therefore, he’s clueless and cutting and pasting a bunch of 2 syllable words.

Moderator, fix this problem. Please.


I agree with the others, if the system has lost it’s charge the leak needs to be identified and corrected. Adding more refrigerant will be a temporary solution at best. If the problem is not a loss of charge, adding more might actually cause more damage. Have it diagnosed and get an estimate to have it repaired, then you can make an informed decision.


A/C on a modern car is not DIY. Trying to do it can result in a more expensive repair or even injury.