If I win the lottery


… this will be my first toy.

Rolls Royce engineers came up with a 6,000 lb SUV that can take on the roughest terrain, has 10 inches of ground clearance but has the lowest load height of any SUV, and is so quiet that the loudest noise at 60 mph is the HVAC blower motor.

Oh, and before anyone asks…
Yes, it does require premium gas.


That’s a deal breaker for me. :frowning:


Dreamer… I already have the winning ticket.


My wife actually won a lottery back in the sixties. She won an Austin MINI, the original version.

Could not master the 4 speed manual transmission and sold it to pay for college expenses.


The family of a friend of mine won one of the first-year Mustangs from (IIRC), Kroger’s supermarket. Luckily, his mother knew how to drive a stick shift, because it had a 3-speed on the floor to accompany the six-cylinder engine. I think that the only options on it were the radio and the heater. Obviously, Kroger’s didn’t exactly splurge on the prize.