Rocker panel?


“LEFT ROCKER PANEL BROKE” this is on a 97 GMC Savnna COnversion Van, have two questions.1. what is the rocker panel

2. if it is broken can this car even move?


also would the airbag light come on even without deployement?


For lack of a better picture I have used the mustang photo to indicate what a “Rocker pannel” is. I am not sure by your description what you mean by “Broken”. Has the van been hit, is it rusted away, or is the problem related to hanging a running board from it. Will it move? depends on the actual extent of the damage. Most of the time a bad rocker pannel will not keep a vehicle from moving but can interfere with the operation of the door.
My other thought is did you mean a broken “rocker arm”? This is an internal part of the motor that opens and closes a valve. Again it will not keep a vehicle from moving but will make it run bad.
The airbag light as you should note from your VW can come on with out deployment. The airbag much like the check engine light indicates a fault in the system. The airbag module would need to be scanned to determine why the light is on. Hope some of this helps.


thanks again, I am going to ask them these questions. I will let you know what comes of it. this is the van. visually looks good, so I am not sure