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Roaring sound in the front end

I drive an '01 Tahoe Burb…latley once I hit about 45 and faster theres a roaring sound…a better description is this…Like a truck thats been lifted with big tires…that kind of roar or hum that the tires make the faster it goes…only I have regular tires…and it isn’t coming from the tires…its coming from under the hood.

Don’t be so sure it’s not coming from your tires. They might be worn in a cupped fashion, or have a belt that is broken or about to be. It’s also darned hard to isolate which end of the vehicle a noise like that is coming from. You might jack it up and rotate each wheel to see if there is any unevenness in the tires. It’s often hard to see sitting still.

+1 wtih MG McAnick
You could rotate the tires to see if the noise travels.

Thanks! One of my friends said he thought it might be the tie rods.

Bad tie rods tend to make the steering really sloppy. Are they?
The roaring could be due to one of the wheels flopping left to right a bit but one would imagine roaring would be the least of your problem as the steering would be really bad and very imprecise.
Could be, though, but there are several things in the front end that can make gnarly noises.

How many miles does this Burb have on it? Manufacturers are uding ball bearings now for wheel bearings instead of tapered roller bearings in order to get the lower rolling resistance, and they’re not lasting as long.

Jack up each corner, spin the wheel by hand and listen for noise, check the wheel for looseness by trying to manually wobble it, Also, if you’ve been unable to verify anything, you can try removing the wheel and turning the hub by hand. There are cases where roughness in the bearing can be felt that way and not verified with the weight of the wheel on the hub.

Steering is the same as usual, however the i feel a slight vibration in the steering wheel. Also, when I am at a complete stop and then give it gas I often hear a sort of noise like a pop, also from the front end.

Tie rods don’t make noise.

No difference on turning left or right? Have the driveline joints been checked?