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Roaring noise

roaring coming from rearend.

Check for a lion in the trunk - j/k.

When does it occur? All the time …when? When did it start and what occurred immediately before the onset? How many miles? How is it driven?

fix it

Ok - so I figured I’d come back and explain. lafeltm - we’re just a bunch of folks out here who hang around and chat cars and car issues. Pretend like you’re actually talking to other folks (b/c you are) - not with some kind of computerized thing. Imagine you walked into your mechanic’s shop, went to the desk and literally said “roaring coming from rearend.” That would just be odd. Its just as odd in this context.

Anyway…even without any info about your situation, a lot of the time if people describe a car noise as “roaring” and specify front or rear it is very often a wheel bearing or tire tread problem (like uneven wear or belt separation).

If the “roaring” changes or stops when you turn one way or another I’d put my $$ on wheel bearings (but that can actually be checked).

If turning makes no difference, swap your front and rear tires and see if the noise moves.

I have medication for that problem.

2 possibilities come to mind, a bad bearing, or a differential. More than likely it is a bad rear wheel bearing, but get it checked before you ruin an axle.

the roaring in he rearend started after i had a flat tire,so i just went and had a whole new set put on because i thought that it might have been the front tires that i got because they were used.the roaring noise doesn’t go away. its like the faster you go the louder it gets.

It’s a front wheel drive vehicle. The roar from the rear is most likely a wheel bearing.


You still can’t communicate clearly.

You’re saying that you got a flat - then had the roaring - then got a whole new set of tires and still have the same roaring? And when you said “new set” - you mean a new set of tires? But you really meant a used set of tires?

okay let me try again. i had gotten a flat on the front drivers side so i went and put 2 used tires on the front. about 2 days later i started hearing a roaring noise. i thought it may be the used tires in the front so i got a whole new set of tires front and back because the ones in the back were wearing. the roaring noise didn’t stop.the faster you go the louder the roaring noise gets. it doesn’t make a differenwhen you turn.

I’m inclined to agree with Tester in this.

Jack up the rear corners of the vehicle one at a time (chock the front wheels and be sure it’s in P or R…and do not get under the vehicle) and try spinning the wheels by hand. You just might hear the failing bearing.

Let me guess it is called “beano”?

I’m inclined to think that the tire thing is completely coincidental. The flat was in the front and used tires went there. Yet to roar was in the rear and has remained there. I’d be looking at wheel bearings first.

Did you describe this to whomever installed the new tires? If so, what did they have to say? Someone ought to pull your rear wheels and inspect everything.


Hey - thanks for coming back in to report. It is often the case that we never know what became of an issue. (But turn off your Caps Lock key please).