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Roadmaster security system failure

1994 Buick Roadmaster wagon

The starter began operatin intermittantly. Sometimes it would crank and sometimes not. Nothing about the starter indicated that the starter motor itself was limping when it responded, but the car starts so fast it is hard to tell.

After a sudden death stop, no couch, wheeze, or stumble, the engine just stopped. Attempts to energize the starter were fruitless. After abouit 45 minutes, the starter crank, the engine came to life, and was taken to a local garage. The garage replaced the fuel pump relay, but could get the starter problem to repeat.

Following the repair, the starter would occassionally not crank. Each time it the starter would eventually crank, the engine fire, and be driven without further incident.

Within a two week period, the starter non function increased in frequency and the engine would again after it ran for an un-specified amount of time. The that the engine ran became shorter.

It is now at a local garage, the starter has been replaced, the car can be started, but the engine shuts down in a short amount of time.

The garage feels that the signal from the chip in the key is not getting to the security system.

They have pulled the steering wheel to check the wiring from the ignition switch and it appears to them to be okay.

When the key is turned to activate the starter, the “pass key” code lights dimly.

I hope that this isn’t too little or too much information.

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