Glitch in my 1994 Buick Roadmaster

I have a a 1994 Buick Roadmaster with 145,000 miles on it. It is still a great car but I am having a problem with it. It doesn’t happen every time I drive it, but once every ten days is too much for me. I feel a power loss in the acceleration. Kind of off and on, I would describe it as lurching. Sometimes I lose all power and have to pull over and wait 3 minutes , then it starts right back up. Our mechanic does not have the computer equipment to discover exactly what it is. But we left it with him for a week and he drove it back and forth to his home and he said it would start right back up if you just wait a few minutes. I can take it to a big car dealership and have it diagnosed if necessary , but does anyone know what this could be. If it is a specific part I could have my mechanic install it and save a bundle. What is a ballpark figure at a big dealership for this diagnosis? Thanks in advance for your comments and assistance

Starved for gas? Fuel pump going out, pump relay, filter partially clogged?

If you don’t know when the fuel filter was last replaced, then it is probably due–or more likely overdue–for replacement. I replace my fuel filter every 30k in order to prevent problems, as do most of the veterans of this board.

If the fuel filter turns out to be the source of the current problem, you may find the next problem will be a failing fuel pump. When the fuel pump is made to force gas through a partially-clogged fuel filter for an extended period of time, this takes a serious toll on the fuel pump.

i posted a question on my 1995 lesabre wheezing and racing. does my situation sound like yours?

You don’t need a big dealership. Just a better shop.

There are a lot of possibilities including (but not limited to) a weak fuel pump, a failing fuel pressure regulator, a loose and/or corroded battery cable connection, and a failing ignition component. A good shop can check for these and more without fancy electronics.

Did you ever find out the cause. I have a 1995 Buick roadmaster too. I am having the same problems. Need help