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Road Trip to Chicago!

So we’re going to be taking a trip from south central PA to Chicago from 10/20 and coming back 10/23. (Either I76-I80 or going north and taking I80 the entire way. My vote is I76-I80). Anybody have any suggestions for things to see and do in Chicago and on the ride out and back?

I always like to go to Chicago’s Chinatown for lunch or dinner. Some pretty good restaurants there. And not overly expensive. I’m not so keen on Chicago style pizza myself, but a lot of people like it, so that’s another option. Lots of choices in the downtown area, near the art museum. Oh, yeah, if you like art museums, Chicago’s is one of the best in the world. Along the way you could stop in Indiana at the Lake National Park I think they call it lots of good beaches and a place to take a pleasant walk. It’s located right at the southern end of Lake Michigan. In that same area are (or at least used to be) the Gary Steel Mills, US Steel corporation, which is interesting to see, although somewhat smelly.

Studebaker museum, South Bend, Indiana


Field Museum and Shedd aquarium, Museum of Science and Industry (they have a WWII submarine to tour, I regret not going through it). Navy Pier, live entertainment and restaurants. All of these are near the lake. One place I was NOT impressed by was Michael Jordan’s restaurant.
BT W Pizzera Uno is Chicago style pizza, no need to go to Chicago for it.

I’ll second the Museum of Science and Industry. That’s a really great museum, especially for a gearhead.

My favorite things of Chicago were Museum of Science and Industry, the Adler Planetarium, and watching Chicago recede in the rear view mirror. :rofl:


I-80 changes to I-90 just east of Toledo. If you like classic cars, the Auburn/Cord museum is in Auburn, IN. Get off I-90 onto I-69 south and drive about a half hour to Auburn, IN.

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While in college, I ate many a sausage and onion pizza here (north side):


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You can get a day pass for CTA for $10, good for unlimited rides on buses, elavated and subways, Like a credit card you just swipe, last time I was down there you had to go to a walgreens or somewhere. The pass is great, no driving, parking worries, and you might even hop on the L and go to Evanston on the purple line just for the ride and a nice walkabout. Water tower place, willis tower with the 104 story high glass floor, Art museum is my fav, Blues bars on N Wells street area are fun, millennium park is high on the visitor attraction list, and if you want to try pizza, gooey and melty like you never will find again try oven grinders, caution cash only.

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Look in

The Northwest Suburbs have some of the best shopping in the world.

@ArlHtsMelissa, it’s good to hear from you, again. I wonder how you know that? Could it be that Arlington Heights Is located in/near the Northwest Suburbs? :wink:

Don’t you mean Amazon ?

Yes, that is correct.

Yes, we have an Amazon physical location.

Excuse me, I don’t get out much. It sounds interesting.
What can one do at an Amazon physical location that one cannot do at Amazon online?

I went to an actual Amazon bookstore the other day. It’s a real bookstore, somewhat on the small side, and this one had only books, no magazines. It’s clearly geared to cater to something called “Amazon Prime” members, whoever they are. Those folks get a significant discount on the books. Everybody else pays full price, the price marked on the cover by the publisher. One book I noticed was $26 by the publisher number, but $16 for Amazon Prime members. Amazon Prime members can also order a book from and pick it up at the bookstore. Presumably they’d do this to avoid having the book stolen by porch-thiefs if it was mailed to their home. There’s also a building in the area apparently called Amazon Locker where a book or other product ordered from the website can be picked up locally, but that isn’t the same place as the bookstore.

That site really sucked! 2 references and not one I would want to see!

I’ve seen Amazon lockers outside of 7 Elevens

On the outskirts of my city is a newly constructed Amazon warehouse, I believe it will result in same day delivery for some online orders.