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Hello everyone,
Its a pleasure to be a member of this forum of people from all walks of life with one common passion – WHEELS. Automobiles have been my fascination from the childhood. . Looking forward for nice discussions on Automobiles and awesome travelogues on the forum.

Welcome to the forum. Read, comment, ask questions and don’t be afraid to wander off topic. We do that a lot.
We try to keep bringing it back to cars so our brilliant moderator doesn’t need to intervene. :wink:

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We don’t do travelogues, but that might be a good idea if we had a section for them. We did once have a thread started by Cartalk on the worst road trips ever, and one caller to the show posted his “walk across Death Valley” as requested by one of the brothers, but that has been about it.

Travel tales are interesting and educational. I’ve had the radiator spring a leak in the backwoods of Maine on a camping trip. No doubt others have more dramatic tales to tell.

The AAA has some sound advice on car travel, and being prepared is very important.

I still carry some basic tools, a truck lug wrench (the standard car wrench handle is too short to get any torque) black iron wire, duct tape, In the past I had a spare fan belt as well.

Most important are credit cards, my AAA membership and a cell phone.

One of the best trips we took was heading east from Minnesota and catching all of the ball parks we could. Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Toronto, etc. We never had tickets but got great seats by showing up early. Hanging around afterwards too got some autographs. Kinda like being on tour where you don’t know for sure what city you are in.

I have seen a few new member introductions here. I like it.

Sure I have no problem with just stopping in to say hi, seems like most everybody else has a problem. :hotdog:

Welcome. Feel free to comment.

I presume you’re having hot dogs for dinner . . . ?