'Road safety in Sudan '


What about the road safety in Sudan? How about a preface on the topic before I click onto an uncertain link.


The Lancet is the highly respected journal of the British Medical Association. That being said, the brief article is–IMHO–not at all interesting or relevant to anyone outside of Sudan.

No mention of IEDs, either. It seems like they would be a problem as well.

They care about it. The British Medical Association cares about it enough to publish an article about it. It isn’t being ignored. Sudan isn’t a complete s&^%hole.

That’s a fair opinion. I’d like all our Sudanese participants to feel welcome. The title represented the article accurately.

A shortcoming of The Lancet is that they publish puff pieces by government agencies. Years ago they published an article by Mexico’s minister of health about their great new national health insurance. When a NEJM article protested sending Mexicans back to Mexico to get health care I wrote in with a link to the Lancet column; they ignored me.

We support a pastor and several congregations there. He was just back here for a visit and from what he reports, highway safety is the least of their worries. Civil war, unstable and corrupt government, tribal conflicts, lead the pack. Like always though a stable government with laws is the bedrock to everything else. Otherwise it’s dumping money down a rat hole with never life getting any better for the populace.