'Reducing road traffic accidents in Bangladesh '


interested me

“Between the turn of the century and 2011, the incidence of road traffic accidents in Bangladesh has been decreasing, and the World Bank has strongly emphasised the need to improve road safety in a public awareness campaign.”

Wait… what? Looks like the accident numbers have already been shrinking. :thinking: It is becoming less a problem, not more.

I guess they need to hurry and reduce accidents before they become nonexistent by themselves.

Some of my favorite old cheap shirts come from Bangladesh! Hey, wait just a second… don’t they have much bigger problems to worry about there other than traffic accidents?



It’s still high.

Yes, but they can reduce traffic accidents and communicable diseases at the same time.

I mentioned the article because the causes interested me, a sign of Bangladesh’s culture.

Individuals in Bangladesh are more likely to die from…
Lung Disease
Influenza and Pneumonia
Coronary Heart Disease
Diabetes Mellitus
Kidney Disease
Liver Disease
Low Birth Weight
Oral Cancer
Peptic Ulcer Disease
… than from traffic accidents. That problem is way down there…
… Then there’s extreme poverty, illiteracy, inflation, etcetera.

In my opinion any money spent on reducing traffic accidents that could possibly be channeled elsewhere is a big waste of money, especially since most of the problems listed are increasing and traffic deaths are already declining.

Did I mention that I like my cheap shirts made there?

Congrats on looking it up. Spending money to prevent traffic accidents saves money.