Pakistan: Taking the Lead in Safe Driving

Say what you will about this small third world country- when it comes to safe driving, they lead the world in progressive thinking. Their official, government-sanctioned approach is “step on the gas and get the heck out of the way!”:


So many Americans could learn from this small, “backwards” country.

Overall, there is some good information contained in that Pakistani website.
However, I am reluctant to consider any advice to be authoritative when the person giving the advice is unable to spell the word “brake”, as it pertains to the device that is used to stop a vehicle.

Since this Pakistani “authority” believes that he steps on the “break” in order to stop his vehicle, just imagine how many other gaps there may be in his knowledge base.

Hey, that really is a Pakistani government site! I wondered about it because of the casual wording.

VDCdriver, it seems to me that the original author probably doesn’t speak English, and the translator likely just barely does.

Under Tips and Warnings they forgot to warn you about the IUDs in the trunk that lead the driver to be insecure and… preoccupied.

I think IEDs would make the driver more nervous than IUDs!

If you have an IUD in your trunk, your doctor may have failed Anatomy class!!!

Now I would be happier if Pakistan could take the lead in some other more important areas, bad driving I can deal with, it’s the tribal areas I have a problem with.

A somewhat appropo classic Top Gear clip about the Indian driving test: