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Constant road noise in 2016 Honda HR-V

I recently traded my 2013 Honda Accord, which I bought new, for a 2016 Honda H-RV. I have a constant road noise coming from the front driver’s side. I inquired about this twice with Lundgren Honda where I purchased both cars and they do not hear it. I drove with the technician the second time and he does not hear it. I understand from others that have gone from a sedan to an SUV and they tell me it is normal. To me it is annoying. Is this indeed normal?

I can’t hear it from out here on the internet but yes, SUV’s have more road noise than cars. Usually caused by the tires and the fact you are pushing a larger lump through the air than you would with a car. You could also investigate replacing the tires on the vehicle with quieter ones.

If the dealership says its normal, have them let you test drive another H-RV and see for yourself.


Try rotating tires to see if the noise follows the tire. Sometimes road noise will disappear on tire rotation.

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