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Tire Wear

I have a 2007 Hyndi Santafe with 24,000 miles. I have Bridgestone Dueler’s On this S.U V. I want to know why the tires have become very noisey. They make a lot of road noise. Is this a Norm for this type of tire?.Should I be looking for a different type of tread style to elliminate this noise problem? Please advise. Thank You LEE

As tire treads wear, they frequently become noisier than when they were new. Also, the Bridgestone Dueler is an aggressive off-road type of tread, which is inherently noisier than a “highway” tire tread.

If you want to reduce road noise, when it is time to replace those tires, look for a tire with the same speed rating, the same traction rating, the same heat resistance rating, and the same load rating as your present tires–but with a “highway” tread. Besides getting a quieter ride, you may also wind up with a smoother ride and better handling from that type of tire.

Car manufacturers frequently equip SUVs with off-road type tires simply because of the image that they wish to project, despite the fact that at least 95% of SUV drivers never drive off-road. If you fit into that vast majority, then switch to highway tires.

A good place to browse all of the tires that are available for your SUV is the Tire Rack website. Just enter the make, model, model year, and engine type of your Santa Fe, and it will display a large selection of appropriate tires, along with their specifications and with customer reviews of those tires. Even if you wind up purchasing your tires elsewhere, that site will give you much better knowledge of what is available.

How often if ever have you rotated them? Culprit A.

Also if the vehicle is off alignment it will chew the tires. Typically rotating helps offset this odd wear however sometimes it is too much.

Most tires start pretty quiet, in general there is great variance on how long with wear they stay quiet. Usually the cheap ones get noisier fast in my experience. However no recent experience with cheap tires as I will never try them again.

The thing is Dueler’s typically stay quiet throughout there life. My parents have two sets on a 4runner and Tundra with 50-60k+ and quiet with proper rotations done. They have the highway tire version of them. I have feeling now Dueler’s may have lots of models with that branding name now so they vary.

You have irregular wear, which is caused by misalignment and aggravated by insufficient tire rotation and insufficient inflation pressure.