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New windshield condensation like never before

Hi everyone. I have been driving my Subaru Outback for almost 60,000 miles over the past 7 years, all over the country, so I know it pretty well. I just replaced the windshield for the first time, due to a crack. I chose a windshield company with many A ratings on Angie’s List, although I’ll admit it was the least expensive one. They seemed very professional.

I drove the car tonight after it has rained a few days, including earlier today. It was 72 degrees with no humidity. After driving about a half hour, i started getting crazy condensation on the outside of the windshield, and there was some film that the wipers couldn’t seem to completely get clean. I also had fogging inside the window —even though i was driving with the windows open. This has never happened to me before. I assume there is some problem with how they installed the new windshield? Any insight would be most welcome.

My guess - there’s a manufacturing film on the window. I’d go over it with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and Stoner Invisible Glass window cleaner.

Thank you, texases! Would that be on the outside only or do you think that would also cause the fogging on the interior?

after I had the windshield replaced in my car, I had the same problem. I tried cleaning it with regular dishwashing liquid in water, then various glass cleaners without luck. a dry rub with a microfiber cloth finally did the trick. The inside was the hardest.

I’d do both inside and out.

Be sure to ask the company that installed the new windshield if they have some suggestions. Like the others above, I think the glass surfaces just need to be cleaned of chemicals from the manufacturing process. Windex or cleaning ammonia is what I’d probably try first.

That Invisible Glass stuff is great, it cleans my car’s windows better than almost anything else I’ve used. Clean off both sides of the windshield real good with that, preferably using old crumpled up newspaper to prevent streaking.

Double check defrost is not on, it will blow cold air.

Thank you everyone . I greatly appreciate your thoughtful and quick responses! I will call the company and try the products you recommended to clean the glass, and hope that solves the problem! I have never heard of Invisible Glass but glad to know about it. I usually use diluted vinegar.

Try isopropyl alcohol. (Just don’t get any on the trim or paint.)

Once you get the window clean, you might end up needing to replace your wiper refills, as they might have picked up whatever this film was made of.

Thanks for the great suggestions Lion9car

I wouldn’t worry about isopropyl alcohol on trim or paint. It won’t harm rubber or paint. It will pull the plasticisers out of the dash board, though. If you use IPA on the inside of the windshield, you might want to cover the dash with a pice of plastic. Note: IPA won’t spot the dash unless you let it sit for a long time. But extracting plasticisers will promote cracking earlier than it might otherwise occur. Cracking will still take years.