Risky - removing return PS hose on 21yr well maintained Honda?

99 Acura Integra 140k

I want to flush the PS fluid by disconnecting the return hose at the reservoir.
A friend said when he did it on an Avalon, it ended up in leaking.

My car paint is not oxidized - its was not an abused car - bought it when it was 4-5yrs of age.

Any advice?

Leave it alone. It’s an old car. Don’t go looking for or creating problems where they don’t exist.

Does it have a reservoir for the PS fluid? I’d just buy a dollar store turkey baster and suck out as much fluid as possible and refill with fresh stuff (the exact fluid required/ recommended by manufacturer specification).

Repeat this process every few weeks for a while. The fluid should start to look noticeably cleaner. Then leave it alone except for monitoring and maintaining fluid level.

You’re fortunate that the paint is in nice shape. I’m sure you already do, but just keep putting some good wax on it a couple of times per year.

Buy your car a treat of some kind. Surprise it! Enjoy the ride! Then find a new hobby or activity.
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Well maintained , OK then how did you service the power steering fluid before ? Apparently that worked and just because someone had a leak does not mean you will . They may not have tightened the connection properly.

On an old car like this, I second the turkey baster idea. Or any tool with a small hose that can be inserted into the reservoir.

Suck out whatever portion of the fluid you can reach, and refill. Do that a few times and you should be fine.

Yes, and Honda/Acura spec something different from most other carmakers.

I have a syringe that I remove PS fluid like every yr and put Honda PS. No matter what I did, the color is always dark!
Now I drive a Chevy Volt, I felt that Integra is harder to steer - my 1st gen Integra was very easy to steer (it was leaking and the PS cables were changed) - so I assumed that it needs to be flushed!

I checked the hose - its hard - I sprayed ATP-205 (Scott Kilmer says it softens - but unsure its too late now).