how do i get surface and deep scratches off my rims…the curb leaped out at me !!!

Curb rash is probably permanent. As long as it’s only cosmetic you don’t have to worry. The rims are OK, just scratched.

If you’re really concerned with the appearance of your rims, be more careful when parking. The curb didn’t move.

If they are aluminum rims you might want to wash them and then put a good coat of wax or a coat of spray finish on them or they may corrode in the future.

If you have deep scratches from hitting a curb you may want to have the wheel re-balanced. It may be slightly distorted and a balance job would show it.

If the tire starts a slow leak you’ll know for sure.

check if a local body shop is willing to attack the problem

Alloy wheels can be refinished. If you can’t find a shop, call some of the high end car dealers (Lexus, BMW, Porsche, etc.) for recommendations. Refinishing isn’t dirt cheap, but is far less expensive than replacing wheels. Stay away from those curbs!

Shops will not refinish a wheel (normally). The clear coat is actually a powder coat and the durability will not be the same. Keystone sells most reman rims for $179.00

Google “alloy wheel repair” to find the names of many companies that repair scratched and dented alloy wheels.

While car shopping at the local Lexus dealer last summer, I came across an Infiniti G35 coupe with major scrapes on both front wheels. The dealer had them refinished and invited me back to look at them. Since I wasn’t interested in the car, I didn’t bother. However, I doubt they would risk their reputation as a luxury dealer with a shoddy repair job.

Yes there are companies that repair alloy rims, Keystone is an example. My reply was meant to say body shops would not normally repair them.