Scratched my new Custom wheels, what can I use to stop any corrosion from occurring?

I have a 2006 Buick Lucerne. The wheels were losing chrome and were oxidizing. I just bought some new “Koenig Unknown” wheels for it. I took it to the local shop to have the new wheels put on And one of the tires had some bad scuffing on the sidewall. The mechanic said it was too much damage on the tire and that he could not mount it on the new rim. So, I took it home and did it myself. The duct tape that I used under on the flat bar was not sufficient and I ended up putting some rather deep nicks on the edge of the new rim. Though you cannot see it them unless you look very close, I know that these digs can be sources of corrosion. The lip of the rims are a polished mirror-like aluminum finish. I am sure they have some clearcoat on them and that is what I have damaged. I need some good suggestions as to how I can fix them to prevent any corrosion from happening.

Just coat the scratches with clear nail polish.

Any Way To Run That Question By The Manufacturer?

Call local parts stores and ask if they sell a clear coat touch-up pen.


I’ve used clear coat in the touch up bottles successfully.

A professional said that your tire is too damaged to use but you’re using it anyway? I hope you don’t injure anyone else if the tire fails at high speed.

@lion9car I also noticed the part about the tire and at least when he wrecks he will have nice wheels.

good ideas all… I will give the manuf. a call on Tuesday.

Professionals… ie… anyone that is licensed, has to refuse to mount anything that is visually “off” or could be perceived as damage to avoid any liability. I looked at the tire and the only “damage” was serious abrasions to the surface of the sidewall. No cracks, no leaking.