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Right-turn squeal

I have a squeal only when I’m making a sharp right turn into a parking slot with my foot lightly on the brake, not when I’m on the road making a right-hand turn. I’ve had the brakes looked at once with supposedly nothing wrong. The Summit is an AWD wagon with 75,000 miles.

What kind of shop (or who?) looked at your brakes? Did you describe these symptoms to them? Did they reproduce the noise? What was said about it? There is a lot of variation in what might be done when one looks at brakes. Perhaps someone should look closer and more thoroughly. (I was once told that my brakes were fine - a few weeks later I was metal on metal. Turns out I had some mild caliper sticking and one pad was nearly worn out while the others weren’t - well no one had looked at that one pad assuming that all were about the same).

Brake squeal or tire squeal?

It happens when my foot is on the brake, so I’m guessing it’s the brakes.

On your brake pads there is likely a very thin metal tab that bends toward your brake rotor. Its job is to start making noise when your pads get too thin (a warning indicator). When it is really in “warning mode” it would typically squeal as you drive until you step in the brakes. But if yours is getting very close to hitting the rotor then this might be the first sign. Have the brakes inspected again, but find a good, local, independent mechanic (i.e. not a corporate chain auto care place of any kind).