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2007 Chevy Equinox: brake squeal

The brakes on my Equinox squeal badly when I back up but don’t seem to squeal at all otherwise. Ideas? It’s driving me crazy…and probably my neighbors, too, whenever I back out of my driveway.

Have you checked them lately?

The brake pads have wear indicators that come in contact with the brake rotors that can make a squealing sound at anytime.

Have the brakes inspected.


It is probably the wear indicator. A small piece of metal that is attached to the pad. As the pad wear down the indicator will rub on the brake rotor, warning you that you have little pad left.
Soon it will start making noise going forward too.
Don’t ignore this too long or you will ruin the rotors…amking the next brake job more expensive.


Simple. Have the brakes inspected and repaired as needed.