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95 Camry

I have a bad squeel in my left frt brake or axel,Ihad the brakes checked by my mechanic an was told they are ok,the squeel stops when I apply the brakes.Help!!!

Is this is constant squeal as you drive? Of does it only squeal first thing in the morning, and then go away?

If it is a fairly constant squeal that stops when you apply the brakes there is a really good chance that the squeal comes from a warning strip on your brake pads. This is a thin tab of metal mounted on the brake pad and it is its job to squeal when the brake pads are low enough for that tab to rub on the brake rotor.

What did your mechanic tell you about the cause of the squeal? I would get a second opinion. I will also mention that all brake checks are not created equal. Various problems within the braking system - e.g. with brake calipers can cause uneven wear - either between the two brake pads on one side of the car, or between the pads on each side of the car. You need someone to completely check both driver’s & passenger’s side, and both inside and outside pads.

You posted this similar question earlier already under a different title. You should stick to one thread instead of reposting the same question because it can cause confusion with people answering one thread or the other.

My mechanic said that there was no problem at all with the brakes,not even warning strip as this was my first question to him