Jeep Question - Rubbing noise from rear

Have a 1996 Jeep Cherokee sport. In good shape. Have new brakes (6 months), new tires. When I apply the brakes to stop I get a rubbing noise that comes from the rear of the car, sounds like middle rear. Only happens when brakes are applied, no other time. It basically sounds like rub, no sound, rub no sound. This car has no rear brake system. What could it be?

No rear brake system? I kinda doubt that. If it’s like every other Cherokee I’ve seen (or pretty much any truck/SUV), it has rear drum brakes and chances are that’s what’s making the noise. The shoes might be worn down.

he meant ABS

Ah, ok then. I still say the shoes are probably worn down and could stand to be replaced. Pull the drums off and have a look-see.

Did the new brakes include turning or replacing the rear drums? Sounds like an out-of-round drum.

Thanks folks, They just needed to treat the drums by shaving the insides. Got it done for no cost.