Right HID headlight is failing. 2013 Lexus RX350 297k miles

Any suggestions for troubleshooting/repairing?
Any aftermarket replacements?
(If I could, I’d wire in an incandescent bulb.)

Thank you.

From Club Lexus, I believe you can get aftermarket bulbs online.
Try Youtube, or other model forums here as most Lexus models have the same HID bulb arrangement. I would search Lexus HID bulb replacement or change. I changed one of the HID headlight bulbs on my old ES350 and on my father’s ES350. It was not that difficult following instructions found online. The dealer wanted $300 and I bought one, same brand, on eBay or Amazon for much much less.
Update, Here is the GS thread on HID bulb replacement

D4S Bulb replacement

  1. Remove the plastic HID socket cover by turning it counter-clockwise.

  2. Remove the silver metal socket fitting attached to the braided cable by turning counter-clockwise about 45 degrees and pulling towards you.

  3. There’s a U-shaped set spring retainer that has kind of curled circle ends. This holds the bulb assembly in place by locking into notches on either side at roughly 11:00 & 1:00 on the housing. Pinch those two curled ends towards each other and pull them out and down to clear the notches and swing the retainer downward. This will release the bulb in the very center of the unit.

  4. Pull the bulb out by it’s base. It’s about 3" long and comes straight out. Don’t touch the glass if you intend to reuse the bulb.

  5. The Toyota HID bulb is part # 90981-20024 (for my 2007 ES350).

  6. Holding the new bulb by the base and without touching the glass, push the bulb back into the hole. There are notches & tabs in the base and mount that must match. Just rotate the bulb until it catches.

  7. Reset the retaining spring by swinging it up and pushing it in while pinching the curled ends a bit. Release the ends when they lock into the metal notches on the housing. Make sure the retainer is secure before proceeding.

  8. Reattach the metal socket fitting by pushing in at and turning clockwise 45 degrees from roughly a 10:00 to a 12:00 position.

  9. Reattach the plastic cover by turning it clockwise.