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How do I change headlight (driver side) of 2002 lexus ES 300? Is there some place I can obtain a diagram?

Are You Changing The HeadLight Assembly Or The Bulb?

Have You Looked In The Owner’s Manual?

Many automakers include instructions for simple DIY projects like bulb replacement in the owner’s manual.

Many automakers include instructions for simple DIY projects like bulb replacement in the owner’s manual.

True, but have you had to change headlights in many of the newer cars. It is easier to change the engine. OK I exaggerate a little.

My owner’s manual just says to go to the dealer to replace any of the bulbs. I had to get the factory service manual to get instructions on how to change any of them. I don’t know how common this is, but it is certainly not always true that the owner’s manual will tell you how to do change the lights.

If you just want to replace the bulb, remove the inner fender liner to gain access to the backside of the headlight pod.

If you want to replace the headlight pod, remove the fender liner, remove the front bumper cover, and remove the headlight pod.


I am changing only the bulb. The manual which came with the vehicle is of no help. It says to take to the dealer, which i find rediculous. The dealer wants over $100 for their electrical (only) manual. Price is nothing but usurious and I have no idea if it would help. Can you be of any help?

What tester said.
By the way, seems like you should not be driving a Lexus! That car is designed for someone that thinks a headlight is a very sophisticated part and would be willing to pay $1000 to have it changed.

Our Chrysler And GM Cars Have Headlight Bulb Replacement Described And Pictured In The Owner’s Manuals. Neither Is Very Difficult.
Therefore I thought the advice to check the manual made sense.

You got to be a dealer yourself. You have been of no help but thanks anyway.

Thank you for your suggestion. The Lexus manual does not describe or offer photos. Another writer stated that Lexus does not include such in their manual because they want an owner to return to the dealer. Several decades as a garage mechanic, this should not be necessary to change a headlight bulb.