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Right front tire noise

I have a 96 explorer and my front right tire has a grinding noise half way through a full turn of the tire any ideas?

Have the front and rear tires swapped. If the noise goes away, there’s a problem with what was the right front tire. And that could be a belt seperation within the tire.


unfortunately i tried that and nothing changed any ideas?

is this when moving? stopped, slow fast?

and is there a difference when applying the brakes when doing this?

no there is no difference

My guess is a worn wheel bearing.

thanks for your help i do appreciate it

Might have a dry ball joint?


so this happens when stopped AND while moving?

just want to make sure i understand it.

either direction turning, left, vs right, and noise when turning one way AND the other?

and try it with the engine off and on. too

and have you checked to make sure the power steering fluid is between the full marks?

this happens only in movement above 10 mph in either direction have not tried with engine off

power steering fluid is good