Right Blinker Blitz

What is wrong with the car when I turn on the right blinker and the indicator stays on changed bulb and now it blinks the radio and my wife noticed a funny smell and some smoke now the rear tailights are both out

It would certainly be easier to help if the question were written in English with grammar and such…
Anyway, it sounds like a short circuit somewhere near or at the rear taillights. This is not something to mess around with as car fires are no fun at all.

The car is in the garage, with the battery disconnected, until I can find the problem. Thanks for the info

Check to see if you used the correct bulb when you replaced it. You may have installed a single filament bulb in a socket that requires a two filament bulb. See if the bulb socket has two contacts on the base connection to the bulb.

If there is wire harness for a trailer that is another area to check for trouble.