Revs drop too low when coming to stop

I have a 2000 Honda S2000. Whenever I am driving along and need to come to a stop, I push in the clutch and hit the brake and as the revs drop to idle, the engine drops to a very low speed such that the car vibrates and sometimes dies. Usually, though, it ‘recovers’ and comes back to normal idle. I should also say that the engine behaves the same even when I am not driving - rev the engine with the car in neutral, and as it comes back to idle, it ‘overshoots’ and bogs before coming back to normal idle.

What can cause this problem, and what can I do to fix it?

Hey there did you ever get a solution to this? Seems to be a pretty rare issue, but I’m having exactly the same thing with my '98 Ford Telstar. Really struggling to find answers! Cheers :slight_smile:

A faulty/dirty idle air control valve will cause stalling when the accelerator is released.


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Does this car use a dash pot? A bad or misadjusted dash pot will cause those symptoms if this car has one. The job of a dash pot is to slow down the closure of the throttle plate so the engine doesn’t stall when you take your food off the peddle.

I had something similar a while back. it had to do with when my foot was on the brake. someone suggested a leaking vacuum hose.

turned out it was my brake booster.