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Idle revs dropping, car jerking when stopped in 'D'

I’ve got a 2002 Honda Fit (JDM version in NZ)

Car was running all fine. Then I had to jumpstart it one day because the battery was just a bit too flat. Right after this the problems started…

When stopped and in D (or S or L), I get the revs doing that dance kind of like in this video: . You can also feel the car jerk a bit when the revs jump. This does not happen in N (it idles smoothly) or R or P. If I’m on the brake lightly, you can notice the car want to lurch forward. Also, if coming off the brake and then wanting to go forward, it sometimes seems/feels like the transmission isn’t engaged and it won’t go forward right away. When the car’s moving, it drives fine. Occasionally it will behave itself when stopped, though it kind of seems like it is revving a little too low at idle.

No fault codes are being shown by the ECU yet and no lights on the dash. These problems occur even with the A/C off.


Check the "idle air control valve " They usually stick open on Hondas.

If this is a very recent problem, say 2- 5 days, the computer may have to re-learn the engine just a bit. Give it a few days and see if it goes away. And check out Rascal’s post, too. Post back if those don’t work.