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Car wants to turn off when rev engine on idle

So have a question for you experience car lovers. My Honda Accord drives fine, it just happens that when I have my car parked, I rev the engine up high and then let go of the gas, the rpm goes below 1rpm and my car shakes like it wants to turn off and then it goes back to normal rpm and it’s fine. When I do it several time, at one point the car just turned off.

What can be causing this issue? Again everything runs fine, it’s just when I’m park and I rev the engine and let go it does this.


Was the car battery disconnected recently?

Really dumb question - why are reving up the engine in the first place ? If it does just fine otherwise then just don’t do that.


What year is this Accord?

What engine?

Sounds like a defective throttle pedal activator :thinking:

Very good question. You engine shouldn’t do that, and its definitely an indication something is amiss. If you are unsure, try the same thing on another Accord of similar vintage. If the same thing doesn’t occur on that one, then you know you have a problem.

When you step on the gas pedal quickly that will lean out the mixture, and the computer is supposed to see that happen by monitoring the throttle position and make the necessary fuel injection compensations. There’s a couple of other gadgets involved too, like the O2 sensor (if this happens whether the engine is cold or warm), and the MAP/MAF, as well as the idle air control function, however that done on your vehicle.

If all of those devices test ok, probably what I’d do is a fuel trim measurement to see if the engine is already running lean on the lean side for some reason. If so, stepping quickly on the gas pedal might put it it into the region where it can’t compensate enough. At this point it doesn’t sound like the problem is an emergency, but suggest to keep an eye on it and take it to the shop right away if it gets noticeably worse. Otherwise next time you are in for routine maintenance, tell the shop about this. Best of luck.

Edit: If all else fails, ask for a fuel pressure test too. The fuel pressure could be dropping when this occurs. Faulty fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator, etc.