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"retro-fitting" seats & seatbelts

i have a 2003 GMC savana with 2 seats in front. i am trying to install 2 more bench seats & seatbelts so it is suitable to carry passengers. the area under the seats has the gas tank. i was thinking of “dropping” the tank to install the seats. has anyone done this sort of thing? what about seatbelts? thanks!

I would suggest finding a wrecked Savana in same year range equipped with what you seek and remove the items. I have a feeling the all the anchor points already exist in yours.

In most states you can’t do this legally. This is NOT something I’d recommend. You just can’t say “Oh here’s a good place to install my seats and seatbelts.” Seatbelts and seats are mounted to structurally fortified areas of the body. MOST of a cars body is NOT FORTIFIED.

The Savanna comes with a variety of seating arrangements, so I’m willing to bet that Andrew is right and the anchor nutplates are already there. This being a regular van, JC Whitney probably even sells some bolt in aftermarket seats.

If you have no seating points there, pay heed to Mike’s warning. Creating your own attachments may compromise the safety of your passangers in the event of an accident.