1982 GMC S-15 Jimmy - Suggestions on odd parts

I’m trying to find a 1982 gmc s15 bucket seat tracks both driver and passenger. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of but seeing if anyone else has any ideas on what I can do. The ones that are on now are rusted and falling apart. Th one leg is gone and when I sit down the whole seat moves. Not safe at all. Anyone have any ideas. Tried aftermarket and none are the right dimensions. Either too big for seat and bolts line up or other way around. Please looking for any help. Can anyone find them or am I gonna have to spend a lot of money to get custom made ones. Really don’t want to do that.

I’d try https://www.car-part.com/ you may have to buy the complete seats

Yeah I’ve tried there and nothing. I can’t even find the complete seats for it. Just the covers or upholstery that’s it.

Rusted seat brackets , does anyone else suspect there is serious rust all over this truck .

There’s not it was just sitting for awhile and it has a convertible top and the top just was leaking and the floor board was rusted out. I’m redoing it and i replaced the floorboard. But the seat brackets were rusted to hell so I had to cut them off and now I can’t find any replacements. Or aftermarket part or even any other vehicle that has the same bolt pattern as this.

Spoke, if you can replace floorboards, you can drill a new bolt pattern for aftermarket seat tracks. Reinforce the bottom of the floorpan where the new holes go through with an 1/8 or 3/16 plate about 3x3 inches.

It is very unlikely you’ll ever find decent OE tracks for a 38 year old S-10. Heck, I am amazed the convertible top added to this thing survived the elements.

Everything i’m finding so far is for aftermarket seats such as corbeau

Yeah that was my last resort due to a lot of extra work but looks like that’s gonna be the case because anything I try doesn’t work. Thanks mustangman. Keep that in mind. Also yeah we chopped it off in the 90s and it’s a full custom truck. The seals for the top has had to be replaced a few times already but all in all still doing great.

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