I need a bench seat

Ok guys, here’s the scoop. We are modifying a late 50’s Ford station wagon and I your help.

I need a bench seat from a late model 2 door vehicle with intergraded seat belts. It must be from a 2 door since the seat back needs to flip forward.

Also, just as written the seat belts need to be intergraded into the seat.

Thanks in advance.

The Chevy Monte Carlo was a 2-door sedan. Don’t know if it had bench seats or not, though. Since it was based on the Impala, which does come with a front bench, then I’d think it possible to find a Monte Carlo with a bench somewhere.

Just a thought - what about a pickup truck? I don’t know if any of them had front seatbacks that fold down, but most pickups seem to come with front benches.

Both the rear drive Chevrolet Caprice (1988 latest) and the Ford Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis came as 2 door models with seat belts. There should be thousands in “recycling yards” still available. My late father-in-law hade a 2 door Grand Marquis. If you remove the seat/belt assembly yourself you should only be out a few bucks, since there is no demand for this type of thing.

Later models include the Monte Carlo and a few others before cars went to bucket seats up front.

Ip, IIRC just about all the pickups had a fold down seatback during the 50s and 60s.

The thing didn’t even lock in the upright position.

Boy! Have times changed.

Cars with bench don’t usually have belts integrated into the seats, mainly because they don’t need to have them built that way. What you need to find is a late model convertible with bench seats. I’m not sure such a car exists, though.

I do appreciate the reply but there are some, but not many, vehicles that have the belt built into the seat back.
I’m thinking Cadillac Eldo. or something like that.
Keep the ideas coming!