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Seat replacement

I have a 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 ext. cab and want to replace the manually adjusted front seat(s) with a fully powered front seat(s). Is this possible and where can I get a seat. I have searched the web until my fingers went numb.

if you dont have the wire harness that accomodates the auto seat, this could be more of a headache than you want to deal with. You need to contact the dealer for the seat, and see what they can do if anything. GM has dumped a lot of the source supply places in the past year and put so many people out of work doing it that you may not be able to find this part anyplace.

It’s possible there is the wiring in the floor to power a power seat. Frequently manufacturers use a wiring harness that includes wiring for options that might not have been ordered on your truck. So, look for the wiring plugs on the floor, maybe under carpeting. Also, go to a “recycling center” (junkyard) and see if you can find a similar truck that has a power seat. You should be able to at least see how it was hooked up, and maybe you’ll get lucky and it will be just right for your needs.

I have a mechanic who will do the install. I have been trying to find the supplier who built the seat for GMC and am not having any luck. He is confident that he can install the seat if I find one. Thanks for your response.

Couldn’t find any “spare” wiring or wired sockets under the carpet or seat. Again, I want to find out who built the GMC seats and contact them directly. There must be something sitting in a warehouse somewhere out there. Thanks for you input.

Many of the car seats for the US market are built by Johnson Controls.
If there is some way to check with them, you might be successful.

One thing I remember that GM had during my years with them was endless seat recalls. The seat bottoms were breaking, the bolts that hold the recliner mechanism had a recall too be replaced (along with the recliner mechanism its self). What I am getting at is we at the Dealer never had any trouble getting any seat related part. The 6 way power seat riser for trucks a bit earlier than yours got replaced in amounts that could be considered gross.Seats and seat belts, you could make a carrer replacing them ata GM Dealer.

I would not want to foot the bill for this job that’s for sure.

Alrighty then, it would appear that this project of mine is becoming more and more of a “forget about it” deal. This is my third GMC truck. I never had a problem with any of the seats but they weren’t power. I accept your expertise on the matter and think I will do a complete rethink. Perhaps a new seat with a truck already wrapped around it is the way, expensive as heck, to go.

Try wrecking yards.

People always complained about sliding problems and uneven latching problems with the manual seats
I found these guys on the web. Tain’t cheap but looks like a possibility. We have no local wrecking yards that I would trust or deal with here.

I wonder if the seat risers (the pedestal the seat sits on and where the motor and gears are) are included in this price.

It would be nice if they all were, but looking at their web site, it seems that only the subframe is included. The pedestals and electronics plus power lumbar adjuster are all extra. It looks to me like we’re talking 2K or more.

This need not be a headache at all, especially the wiring part. Unless the seat controls are mounted somewhere other than on the seat itself, the only wires necessary to make the seat work are a (fused) power wire and a ground wire.

If you wanted to, you could take a powered seat out of almost anything, as long as it had the controls mounted to the seat itself, and install it using custom brackets. The brackets would need to be custom made since the floor under the seat is rarely flat.

I think a couple nice junkyard seats would be fairly simple to install.

You can buy used parts online, even seats…A Chevy seat will fit and work fine and there are many more of them. You may have to have it reupholstered to match your interior…

In the end, it might turn out to be cheaper just to trade trucks for one equipped the way you want it…