Retractable gas pedal

My 2003 Explorer has a retractable gas pedal. I am a short female (5’) and this pedal allows me to sit back from the steering wheel and have much less of a blind spot out the driver side window. What other cars have this pedal feature? If none, is there a away to add one to a new car? I am considering a new car purchase and wanted to know my options.

pretty much any car can be fitted with pedal extenders.

I think it’s called ‘adjustable’. And the first place to check is new Fords - the ‘Limited’ model of the new Explorer has the adjustable pedals. If a car doesn’t have it you can’t add adjustability, but like Shadowfax says, pedal extenders are a good option.

I doubt any shop would add something like this to a new car. If the country wasn’t so lawsuit happy someone might attempt it but there’s a huge liability issue that would prevent someone from trying to do this.

Many Ford/Lincoln/Mercury models have adjustable memory pedals. It’s not just the gas pedal, but the brake pedal as well. I would think that other car brands would have this feature too.