Looking for a new vehicle with memory adjustable pedals and driver's seat

I am having trouble locating a vehicle that has specific features.

  1. Adjustable memory pedals
  2. Memory adjust driver’s seat.

And all the latest safety features.
Thanks, Bob

Here are some suggestions:

More than likely, you need to be looking at luxury vehicles in order to have that type of equipment.
Can you tell us which vehicles you have looked at so far?

Thanks jesmed & VDCdriver. Looks like the choices are quite limited. My wife is only 4 ft 8" tall. I want to get her away from the front air bag; hence the memory adjustable pedal & seat requirements. We haven’t looked at any cars yet. We are in the process of compiling a candidate list first. Bob

You might find one with an adjustable reach steering wheel that works for her.

My BIL is 6’4" and SIL is about 4’10". They had a Crysler Town and Country with adjustable pedals and it worked well for them. I don’t know if their van had memory seat and pedals though.

Thanks texases & jtsanders. My wife is currently driving a Chevy Volt and it has an adjustable steering column. It fits her pretty good… however, even with the steering column pushed all the way forward and the seat all the way forward & up, I feel she is still too close to the air bag. Yes, jtsanders, the Chrysler town & country sounds good, but we’re looking for a smaller car. The Ford Taurus SHO fits our feature requirements, however it is 203" long, that’s almost 2 ft. longer than the Volt. Thanks all for your comments, keep them a’comin’. Bob

… but, bobclarie, that’s where you going to end up when you find those features offered.
So you’ll need to pick a compromise,…bigger car with the feature…smaller car without.

To investigate each brand go to their wesites ( like Ford.com ) that lets you ‘‘build and price’’ where you’ll be able to learn which models have or not. And how much other stuff you have to get in a package to get the few you want.

In Ford you’ll find only the Taurus, Flex, Explorer, and Expedition with adjustable pedals available. Which of those are memory set I’m not sure yet.

Smaller cars that might have it are the Mercedes C-class, Audi A4 or something similar. Maybe a Cadillac ATS.

Good points ken green & jtsanders. I am starting to go to their sites and use their build a car option. Yes, Mercedes C=class, Audi A4 and Cadillac. All great suggestions. Thanks again. Bob

“Mercedes C=class, Audi A4 and Cadillac. All great suggestions”

Those are good suggestions only if you buy one of them as a new car, and then trade it in when the warranty expires. Unfortunately, all 3 of those marques tend to develop a lot of very expensive problems as they age.

Turns out the only sedans with these two features are the Chrysler 300S and the Dodge Charger R/T and SXT. Both features are options. Oddly, none of the luxury sedans seem to have it, including the A8 mad MB S550.

Adjustable pedals have never caught on much. With tilt/telescope steering wheels and driver seats that adjust for height most people can find a good position without them. Ford was a big proponent of adjustable pedals years ago, but I haven’t noticed them mentioned in a review in a while.

With tilt/telescope steering wheels and driver seats that adjust for height most people can find a good position without them.

The telescopic steering wheel works for my wife and me. I’m 6’3 - she’s 5’3. After I drive her Lexus with the seat up enough so she can reach the pedals…the steering wheel is too close for her…so she has move it in. The memory switch is a nice option.

I think you’ll find the telescopic steering wheel will work just as well as adjusting pedals.

What crv that have adorable pedals

It’s not misspelled!
Clearly, she wants a vehicle whose pedals she can adore, but I have to confess that I don’t know which models might qualify.

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Present-day answers to the question would be welcome by some.

A related question: what cars have memory of seat position and mirror position, even if without memory of steering wheel position or adjustable pedals?

Just about any car with power seats will have a couple memory slots available . Not sure about side mirror positions though.