Resurfacing New Rotors


I needed new rotors and pads in January. Now the mechanic says I need to resurface the rotors. Does this make sense (only 6500 miles later)?


It could happen, but I’d suggest you try a hard stop from 60 or so, not to lockup but just shy of that. See if that clears up any problems. Works for me.


I recently had the car inspected and they took off all 4 wheels. I started hearing sounds after I picked the car up. Could they have caused the rotors to warp by not tourquing the wheels right?


yes they could have torqued them to warp, or they could have tightened them unevenly, so they are cocked a little bit. i would go to a different mechanic, and ask him to re torque your wheels, and NEVER go to that inspection station again.


Request you give ALL the information on the first post, won’t get stupid answers and make responders feel foolish.