Warped disc rotors


A fellow this past weekend called in about the “surging” after he did his own brake job. Tom and Ray said he had done nothing wrong, except failing to replace the rotor when he did the job.

Maybe. But another possibility is that, like most home mechanics (and professionals, too!) he may have failed to torque the lug nuts to the proper and equal torque, thus warping the rotors himself.


Quite possible.


It’s also possible…and likely…that he didn’t clean the rotor surfaces prior to installation. That’ll cause an uneven frictional surface to develop as soon as the protectie coating smears.


Except he had not replaced the rotors, just the pads.


Whoops. Pardon me while I go extract my foot from my mouth!


actually the same thing happens when reusing old rotors.

after handling the rotors, pads, calpers dirt, grease and gunk needs to be cleaned off. the brake cleaner is needed to be used (liberally everywhere) on ALL brake repairs. (you KNOW how clean you are when you actually do a brake job!)

i have found it amazing at the difference between sound, chirping, brake fade, and overall satifaction when maintaining a CLEAN brake job area, and parts.