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Defective Rotors?

Back in Feb my sister had brand new rotors installed on her 2006 HHR. Well do to problems stopping her car she returned to the place where she had them installed (she bought the rotors and this place put them in) After looking over her breaks they told here there was a defect in the rotors and that while they could grind them down and they would be okay for a while, the same issue would arrise again and they needed to be replaced. However the auto parts store she bought them from said there was just a 90 day warrenty and basically to bad to sad.

What kind of defect could there be that resurfacing would correct for a while but the problem would reoccur and if defective shouldn’t the auto parts store replace them?

Here are some possibilities:
-The rotors are defective in some way. How much did they cost? Were they the cheapest ones available? I don’t have much faith in $15 rotors.
-The wheels were installed without a torque wrench, over-tightened, and that can warp the rotors
-Something else is wrong: what problem is she having?

If it’s warped rotors, resurfacing can true them up, but the problem can return.

Not the cheapo rotors, for the pair for the front ran my sister like $100+. When you applied the brakes if felt like the wheel was going to come off.

If you are talking about a vibration of pulsing of the brake pedal, try just making a couple of hard stops from about 60 mph. No lockup, just short of that and release the brakes at around 5 mph and accelerate back to about 60 and repeat. If it clears up after the second hard application of the brakes, then it was just a build up transferred from the new pads. This burns it off, but do not do more than twice in a row as it can overheat the pads and damage them.

first things first the word “brake” is used for brakes on a car and breaks means as in it broke don’t work.

February to now is a long time when it comes to brakes and there’s too much missing info.
Rotors replaced but not the pads.
New rotors properly cleaned before installation.
Braking habits.
Caliper slides sticking.
Type of alleged defect that you’re talking about.
Possible installation problem.

The odds of this problem being caused by defective rotors are almost non-existent in my opinion.

Nope new pads put on also
Place where work done has done A+ jobs on all of work
Sister pretty easy driver
I will have to ask sister what they said the defect was

Everything you added confirms my suggestion, try the hard stops, they work. BTW, easy drivers are the most prone to this occurrence.