Need great HONDA mechanic Lexington/Belmont, MA

I thought I had a great HONDA mechanic until he tried to rip me off, and I caught him blatantly in the act. Can anyone suggest a great HONDA mechanic (or foreign cars mechanic) in the Boston/Western suburbs area?

Thanks very much.


There’s nothing special about Honda’s that you need a Honda Specialist. Just find a good mechanic…he’ll be able to handle any problem with your HOnda.

Thanks, Mike in NH.

While that may be true, I prefer genuine HONDA parts, and someone who’s worked on LOTS of them. Thanks, though.


Go to the Car Talk home page. In the lower right, near the corner, is “The Mechanics Files.” You can search for a Honda mechanic there.

Thanks, McParadise!

I’ll do just that!


Try here: FunHonda’s

Chang is excellent.

While that may be true, I prefer genuine HONDA parts

What type of Genuine Honda Parts do you use??

Hello again-- just genuine HONDA parts, in general.

The reason I asked is…it depends on the part…

If you’re talking about an actual repair (radiator, axle, starter…etc)…MOST mechanics will allow you to specify to use Honda Only parts.

As for things like Filters, Sparkplugs, Belts, Hoses, brakes…is a complete waste…Honda does NOT make those parts. They are made for them by other manufacturers which you can buy directly at a much cheaper price…

Example - Sparkplugs…Honda OEM plugs are about $12…The NGK plug is about $4…NGK makes the Honda OEM plug…In fact the Honda OEM number is the NGK number.

I have met Chang at many Auto-x events. Seams like a knowledgeable and decent guy.