Restarting an engine that has sat for over 5 years

Hello I have an 83 Jeep CJ7 that has not been started in years. What steps should I take before turning it over. I am able to spin the fan so I know it is not seized. Thank You

The biggest problem might be the old gasoline, which may have become varnish by now. Don’t try to start it until you drain the tank and clean the old gas out of the fuel lines. A new fuel filter is also in order. Does this Jeep have a carburetor? If so it may need to be cleaned/rebuilt.

As far as the engine goes, I’d remove the spark plugs and squirt a bit of oil into each cylinder, then turn the engine over by hand to spread the oil on the cylinder walls.

I’d want to replace the coolant and the engine oil, too, and possibly the coolant hoses and thermostat.

For the engine, I would remove all the spark plugs and add a little oil in each cylinder. Rotate the engine a few times to distribute the oil.

I would also suggest removing the fuel and properly disposing of it. You might have a chance of it being good if it had been treated, but if not treated, trying to use it is likely to just gum up parts of the fuel system. You can get rid of the old fuel by adding a little each time you fill up.

I would check the oil and likely I would start it and run it to operating temperature then shut it down drain and refill along with a new filter.

Don’t neglect the brakes. Brake lines may have had or picked up water over that time and water in the brake system is bad and can cause rust that can cause a malfunction. Have the fluid changed As Soon As Possible and have the system inspected, letting the inspector know why you want it inspected.

It would also be time for radiator flush and refill.

Plug wires may not be so good now and since you are going to be removing the plugs anyway, now would be a good time to replace them, and I would likely replace the wires right then.

Good Luck