Jeep cj7 won't start

1980 Jeep cj7 - rebuilt engine with 2500 miles. Parked in garage for 6 years. Cleaned fuel lines and I got it started 3 mponths ago - then I had to leave town for work. Now it will “start” if I add fuel to carb but dies when that is ocnsummed. BUT when checking fuel lines jeep pumps fuel to the carb when I turn the engine over.


Tap on the carburetor with the handle of a screw driver. The needle may be gummed up and stuck in its seat. If that doesn’t result in some relief post the type carburetor you have.

Thanx Rod. Should have thought of that myself. I had yo clean the needle valve three months ago. Started right up. Now toreset the carb. Does not idle well at all. Thanx again.