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Engine start after sitting years

I’ve an engine (Jasper 383 stroker) I haven’t run in years; I was using synthetic oil. For a restart, should I pull the plugs and lube the cylinders–as not to break the rings–or just start the engine. Thanks. Jeep Al

Is this engine in a vehicle? Have the fuel lines and tank been emptied or replaced?

I’d want to lybe the cylinder just as a precaution, and I might even want to drive the oil pump with a drill adapter too, but I agree with Mleich that that the fuel system will probably need to be cleaned out.

Try to turn the engine over with a wrench on the nose of the crank first…Give it a couple of turns…Sure, remove the plugs and squirt a little oil in each cylinder first, then turn it over by hand, then on the starter until it shows oil pressure (fresh oil). Put the plugs back in and fire it up…

Drain the tank completely before even attempting to start the car. It would be best if you could remove the tank and sender, get your hand in there and physically wipe off the varnish.
Gasoline degrades over time and that junk’s no good for your pump and lines.
I’ve personally seen cars that had ruined pumps because the car sat for years and then the guy tried to start it. That stuff caused the pump to seize completely.

All of the above. Really turn the engine by hand with oil first. If there is crap on the walls or the rings are really dry you want to work oil in there before real rpms.